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Steps to Becoming an Official!

Officiating is a great way to Network and get paid to be active. You can work as little or as often as you like. You get to set your own availability. Most games are played in the afternoons or early evenings, but the High Schools play many of their games later in the evening. There are also many opportunities for larger paychecks from weekend tournaments. 

After you reach out, the local association for the sport, or sports, you are interested in will reach out to you. The sport that is likely able to get you started first will register you with the state. This will also provide you with insurance to help cover you while you are working games. A background check is part of the process as well. You will start to be trained and spend some time studying your rule book and case book as well as mechanics manual to help teach you how to do this amazing job. There is usually someone who will always be easy to reach for any questions or to help you with your uniform and gear decisions. We love to accessorize!

Military active duty, retirees, and veterans can also receive assistance with the cost of gear and uniforms through the Battlefields to Ballfields Program, read more below and reach out with any questions!

Battlefields to Ballfields (

Image by Gene Gallin
Image by Nathan Shively

The Seasons

*Dates vary year to year, but are usually near to these


FOOTBALL                                     AUG 17         DEC 3

SOCCER (GIRLS, 1B/2B BOYS)     AUG 22         NOV 19

SOFTBALL (SLOWPITCH)              AUG 22        OCT 29

VOLLEYBALL                                   AUG 22        NOV 12 OR 19


BASKETBALL (BOYS & GIRLS)       NOV 14        MAR 4

WRESTLING (BOYS & GIRLS)         NOV 14        FEB 18

CHEERLEADING                              OCT 31        FEB 4

DANCE/DRILL                                  NOV 14        MAR 25

GYMNASTICS                                   NOV 14       FEB 25


BASEBALL                                         FEB 27         MAY 27

SOFTBALL (FASTPITCH)                  FEB 27         MAY 27

SOCCER (1A-4A BOYS)                    FEB 27         MAY 27

*Lacrosse Officials Do not have a WIAA Season, please inquire if interested...

Past Events
Playing Volleyball
Volleyball Huddle

Getting Paid to Help Out in Your Community:

Games through the WOA are paid within 24 to 72 hours after the completion of the contest. You are required to create a Pay Account through the assigning program that will be able to send the money directly to your bank at any time, or let it build up a little before withdrawing. The transfer time is usually around one business day.

Non-WOA games are paid according to the individual association pay schedules while most weekend tournaments pay on site, or a check or deposit is sent within a week in most cases.

Some School Districts have Student-Community Projects and as long as the official is16 years-old, officiating youth interscholastic games has been accepted for many of these programs.

Contact us if you want to hear more about the benefits of officiating or you can go to the link below for articles and other information on officiating.

Recruit, Retain & Celebrate Sports Officials (Homepage) - Say Yes To Officiating

Baseball Equipment
Baseball Equipment
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Thanks for applying!We’ll get back to you soon.

Softball Equipment
Community Involvement While Getting Paid

Interscholastic Activities -
Let Them Play!

Sports and Other Activities are having to be rescheduled due to the decline in registered and capable Sport's Officials across the Nation. Some games are cancelled altogether, and many are officiated with fewer officials per contest to make sure all of the games are covered. Many of us used sports as a way to escape a hectic life at home while in school; homework, family, and all of the other stresses. These activities also create lifelong friendships and memories. Help us continue to provide these opportunities.

If you prefer to stay in the bleachers, please understand that many of the officials you are yelling at have families to support, children of their own playing sports, and all of the same stresses that many of you are dealing with day in and day out.

What to watch for from the Kitsap Sun as high school football season opens (

"I was introduced to umpiring Baseball in 1993 while I was still playing Little League at the age of 15 by Joe Winniford and Mike Rodenbucher. I continued to umpire games in the Navy after graduating High School while I was deployed and then again in Virginia while stationed there. After I got out of the Navy, I started getting more focused on training as an umpire while in San Diego. In 2004, I attended and graduated from the Jim Evan's Professional Academy of Umpiring in Kissimmee, FL. after I had moved back to Washington. I started officiating Softball around this time and in 2010, while living in Yakima, I started working Football and Basketball as well.

I have had the honor of working State Finals in Baseball, Softball, and Football and am in charge of one of the Baseball State Final Tournaments as the Umpire in Chief. Throughout the years, I have met many friends and learned many life lessons from officiating. I have found that officiating sports travels with me wherever I find myself and enjoy being able to work with different groups around the state or in other states. 

In the Spring of 2021, I had to help my Mom and Dad in San Diego. Dad was very sick, and Mom is disabled. I moved them to Texas and they bought a house there. I worked some youth and college baseball games and in late July, my Father passed away. We were devastated. I was scheduled to work a college level baseball game the next day and was thankful for the opportunity to be out of the house. As usual, 'the game will find you' and there were a number of close calls. Much of the game was blurred to the fact that my Mother was in the stands and I knew we were going back to a house without Dad afterwards. I was thankful to my partners that night and the coaches and players for their support. I stayed in Texas for a few more months working football and meeting new friends.

Through all of my medical issues and life stresses, I have always been able to use officiating as an anchor and positive distraction and a way to give back to the community....."Joseph Spencer

Image by Stephen Baker
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